The Hindu Aaiyyanist Healer.

Greetings - My name is Gambheer Venkatraman, an Acharya Level Aaiyyanist Healer. Please enjoy this site and learn about the power of Hindu Aaiyyanist Healing and Hindu magic.

I am able to heal all matter of conditions and can also perform Hindu magic. Dravidian Aaiyyanists can read my original website in Aatmaani Aaiyyani here. This site is an English translation that may not convey the subtleties and power of Aaiyyanism than the original Dravidian Aaiyyani can do. 

I can heal you and restore your 



I have been practising Hindu Aaiyyanist Healings for over 40 years. I have healed countless thousands of people around the world and can heal you. I am also a master of Hindu Aaiyyanist Magic and can protect you from curses, demons (Asuras) and other dark forces (Mantrika). 


Note: I do have a six month waiting list for my services. If you would like an immediate reply please contact the Aaiyyan World Foundation who have many healers that are at a Higher level than myself. 


Many of the traditional High Aaiyyanists do not set-up websites or join social media as they believe that it is an egocentric act, but you can contact them via the Aaiyyan World Foundation ( and your details will be passed to someone who can help. I, however do believe that spreading the word of Hindu Aaiyyanism and Healing is a good act, but as Aaiyyanists we can neither condone nor condemn - just Love. 

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The Inner One.


We will journey together - you and I - to find the inner one. The One that links all of humanity in the aura of Universal and Unconditional Love. With my healing sessions - each stage will unlock you to plot a map to a destination, which will slowly be unveiled to reveal the true you. You WILL be astounded at what you discover, and yet you will find that you knew this all along.

The Power of


You too can bathe in the healing power of Hindu Aaiyyanism simply by allowing yourself to be healed by an Aaiyyanist. I can guarantee you that one session with me will dispel any illusions and awaken and amplify your Kundalini Energy. 


As I continue to heal you and guide you in the path of Aaiyyanism, so too will your life force, your psychic energy and spiritual centers be aligned to maximize awareness of your inner power. Yes , the power I give to your will simply unlock the power that exists deep within you and exists within all beings on this planet. Think of me simply as an enabler to unleash the Power of Aaiyyanism - your own Internal Power.


From this power that I will unlock within you, will come Your Awakening. You will be transformed and enlightened and you will become the Healer and Teacher that you always were. Your true potential will be realised and both of us will journey together to the Truth.


In fact - I invite you to become my Teacher as we shall both enlighten one another both subtly and directly to reach out and become One with the Gods - with Murugan. With the Aaiyyanist All.


Hindu Aaiyyanism has existed for thousands of years. (In fact some Aaiyyanist scholars believe that there used to be an Ancient Hindu Aaiyyanist Kingdom in the heart of South India Tens of Thousands of years ago.) None the less - the power of the Aaiyyanism has existed for a very long time and has invigorated the minds and souls of Hindus throughout the ages. You can be a part of this too simply by becoming one with me - the Teacher and Healer that you have been looking for all your life.







Aeons ago - in the distant past - mankind would converse with the Gods as easily as they converse with each other. You too will regain this celestial power as the energy transmuted from the many Lokas will permeate you wholly. How will this happen you ask? Well my healing sessions will not just heal the physical, but will heal the spirit, the energy centers, your link to this world and the broken link to others. 

Healing is really the wrong word - what I really do is transform the human into the embodiment of Aaiyyan - the free forest dweller that humanity originated from. I will return you to your celestial state and you will converse with the Universe as you were always meant to. 

Gambheer Venkatraman - Hindu Aaiyyanist HealerGVVambheeVenkatra

Healer Venkatraman is a great healer, a wonderful teacher and a deep philosopher. He will illuminate and surprise you.


Venkata Seetharaman, Darsi





The psychic ability of Venkatraman speaks for itself. He was able to pinpoint the problem, the reaction and the solution to any issue that affected me, including dispelling powerful curses.


Nagaraju Rangaswamy, Mundlamuru

Gambheer is a wonderful friend and a Guru (even though he dislikes that term). He really showed me myself and the power and healing I could achieve simply by unlocking the Power of Aaiyyanism.


Lucy George, New York






Aaiyyanist Venkatraman is a gentle soul and will guide you to a true awakening. He loves all peoples and sees the unity of all. Not only did he heal me but he really woke me up to how this reality really is!


Susan Cohen, Tel Aviv

The Aaiyyanist Hindu healer Venkatraman is truly a spiritual Guide. He is someone who as soon as you meet - you know has been touched by God. He is non-sectarian and will aid and heal anyone he meets.


Atif Mohammed, Egypt